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SOS Office Services provides productivity equipment, service and supplies to small and medium businesses in the Ottawa area.
About Us

Since 1995, we've made it our responsibility to bring you the latest technology in office automation along with an unyielding commitment to the highest standards of ethical business practices. As an independently owned business, we align ourselves with multiple world-class manufacturers to ensure the best possible solutions to empower your business.

Revolutionize the way you do business with creative new solutions by allowing us to perform a thorough study of your entire document workflow process. SOS Office Services can present you with ideas and solutions that will help your business become more productive and cost effective. Our challenge is to stay prepared for our business partners by staying ahead of the curve regarding technological innovation.

We see no boundaries or limitations when it comes to bringing solutions to our clients. Our service is local; our reach is global. We provide the time, resources, and accessibility to your business so you can do what you do best... serve your marketplace.

Contact us today for a FREE DOCUMENT WORKFLOW STUDY and allow us to show you how we can help.

Customer Service: Sharing a Vision of Partnership

We believe that a true business partnership is an earned privilege and we work hard to earn that privilege. How? We start by offering a staff that shares our philosophy of exceptional customer service. That is just the beginning. Our employees receive continuous training to keep them on top of breakthrough solutions.

What exactly does this mean for you? Simply this: we understand listening is essential, and that your business is unique and requires unique solutions. Only through this shared vision can we offer the exceptional service, extraordinary support, and appropriate business tools your firm demands. SOS Office Services has an honest concern for your growth and how you will successfully meet your future.

We Help you Close the Gap Between Technology and Business

We live in an age when technology profoundly affects nearly every aspect of business operations, and advances come upon us in seemingly irresistible and never-ending waves that challenge even the most savvy business managers. Inevitably, not only small business enterprises but also immense global corporations find themselves in the same situations. How will your company adapt to "converging technologies"?

Fortunately, you are not left alone to arrive at answers and solutions. SOS Office Services is in the business of helping firms like yours confidently navigate the changing dynamics of office technology.

It is the total focus of our business to guide your company to successful solutions and to help your company confidently take its place in the local and global economy.

Future Technologies

As we move forward together with our customers into the 21st century with the prospect of new technologies, SOS Office Services' vision continues to be driven by the needs and aspirations of our business customers who use our products everyday.

We strive to find and provide ways that help them work smarter and enjoy the rewards of technological advances.

We are on the threshold of very exciting times and we look forward to a bright new future in which SOS Office Services plays a lead role in a digitally-networked society propelled by employees who are dedicated to making SOS Office Services synonymous with quality, value, and innovative products.

Short & Long Term
Heavy duty digital B&W or colour copiers with network connectivity, business class shredders, printers, multi-functions, electronic whiteboards and fax equipment for rent.

Call our sister company, The Office Doctor at 613-747-9112, or send an email to rental@officedoctor.ca with your special requests!

Contact us today to discuss your specific business needs.

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