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Personal, industrial and high-security shredders

Short & Long Term
Heavy duty digital B&W or colour copiers with network connectivity, business class shredders, printers, multi-functions, electronic whiteboards and fax equipment for rent.

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Personal DeskSide Shredders DeskSide/Personal Shredders
These models are compact enough to keep handy beside the desk and sleekly styled for any decor. Yet they all have the same high-grade steel cutting heads with a 10-year warranty as even the largest Destroyit industrial model shredders. Details
Mid-Sized Shredders Mid-Sized Shredders
Maintain security throughout the office. Next to a copier these Destroyit models will stop information leaks before they can start. Several models roll easily on casters for convenient sharing among offices. Details
Heavy-Duty Shredders Heavy-Duty Shredders
These versatile models can handle your data printouts while providing centralized shredding for the whole office. Most models feature auto start-stop so you don't have to monitor shredding long runs of continuous forms. Select from high speed or large capacity models. Details
Industrial Shredders Industrial Shredders
Safer and more convenient than using an outside shredder service, these models provide security for an entire floor or facility. Bound ledgers, stacks of EDP print-outs and the entire contents of wastebaskets can be emptied into these powerful Destroyit paper shredders. Details
High Security Shredders High Security Shredders
These paper shredders are in compliance with Canadian government regulations and offer a high level of security by shredding the paper into tiny fragments. Details

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Destroyit! It's a matter of security. Once a document leaves its point of origin, the chances of it being read by a third party increase dramatically.

The simple solution is to shred documents at the source, eliminating the security risk altogether.

Think about what kind of message is being sent to company employees regarding document security if shredders are placed throughout the office. They will know that company data is a matter of confidentiality and will treat documents with a higher level of security. It just makes sense to shred at the source.

SOS offers 39 different models that encompass every level of security and workload demand.

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