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Spinnit Paper Drills
from Lassco
EBM-1-R: 1", Single Spindle, Bench Model
The EBM-1-R is a lightweight paper drill designed and priced economically for most office, school, library, and small print shop applications. The unit offers a 1" drilling capacity with quiet direct drive operation. The EBM-1-R is equipped with concealed tool and chip boxes to allow minimum space requirements.
EBM-2 Bench Model: 2", Single Spindle, Bench Model Paper Drill
A rugged compact drill that provides high production at low cost. Equipped with 2" drilling capacity and traversing table for easy multi-hole drilling.
FM-1-R/FMP-1-R: 1", Single Spindle, Floor Model Drill
For hands free, low maintenance, and efficient operation, the FM-1-R offers 1" drilling capacity and features a traversing table for increased production performance. Lassco's most affordable floor model.
FM-2/FMP-2 Pneumatic Paper Drill: 2", Single Spindle, Floor Model Drill
For hands-free, low maintenance, and efficient operation, the FM-2 paper drill will provide maximum production at an affordable price. The FM-2 with 2" drilling capacity features mechanical lift table with a right to left / left to right traversing feature.
FMMS-2/FMM-2/FMMP-2: 2", 2 Spindle, Floor Model Drill
This dual spindle drill is ideal for medical records and professional files using two hole fasteners.
FMMS-1-R/FMM-1-R/FMMP-1-R: 1", Three Spindle, Floor Model Drill
The FMM-1-R with 1" drilling capacity features traversing table, and provides the user with a versatile production drill at an affordable price.
FMMS-3/FMM-3/FMMP-3: Three Spindle, 2" Floor Model Drill
This Lassco 3-spindle drill offers a 2" drilling capacity, rugged mechanical lift table which smoothly traverses in either direction. Built for ease in operation and maximum production performance.

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